lols..trying to use the new LJ editor..hahaha..oh shucks...its really been a long time LJ..i know i only remember to write when i finished watching any good jdorama or movie...for me LJ has been my companion throughout my semi hardcore fangirling days..hahahahaa

i am still a fangirl but i stopped buying those CDs already as much as i love NEWS and TEGOMASU(and I REALLY MISS THEM SINGING TOGETHER HUHUHUHU) *bawls*....and basically i just read them from tweets...hahaha..i don't really follow their tv shows anymore — if there is someone generous who will share videos and subbed...i watched them..because after all this time...my japanese understanding still the same hahahahahaha...so im SUBSTITLES is LIFE...lols

hehehe..i have always been fond of gakki — i love her in zenkai girl in ranma 1/2..in papa to musume...even though she doesn't really gave that too much emotions for me..hahaha don't judge me all those i have watched of her were light dramas or comedies...i finished watching her drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu and yes..i was smiling the whole time watching...mikuri-san and hiramasa-san is so cuteee....i watched the korean version of this one...and i loved it..both actors acted so well...lee min ki and hoshino gen...they have their own charmmm anyway..

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hello hello

hahahaha...it's really been a long time...hello LJ friends if there are still here hahahaha..

i decided to write my comments on the first jdrama i have watch in 2 years..omg...its really been a while...i have finished watching 5-JI KARA 9-JI MADE starring Yamapi and Ishihara Satomi..that was one good show..

ishihara satomi why so gorgeus...and how can you run with heels like that...SUGOI!!..

hey yamapi --you're still the same #deadfisheye LOLS..but you have better kissing scenes now..hahaha

mokomichi handsome as i remember you...hahaha

yuki furukawa why downplay your fluent english hahahaha

it does take me a while to realize that oh..its a happy ending in 10 episodes..not more 15 hahaha...but i enjoyed every episode of it...the story was well paced..and i got a happy ending and yamapi wearing normal clothes..wahahahaha

and ms moemoe is so cute and adorable as a BL otaku..

hhahaa eniwei...that's it it does not make sense lols..but hey i did write and post...

till next time ^_^

jdorama..kdrama...twdrama...and now thai drama.....and AOMIKE <3

ahhahaa the life of being abroad and with faster internet...lols...

okay..i just stumbled upon them...i saw there's another version of ISWAK in Thai so i decided to look up..I think i was just checking out some videos in youtube then tumbled upon Kiss me which is the THAI version...but i will talk about next time since im just half way of the whole series..I stopped, and now looking for those with good eng subs lols...because some just got some bad sounds..i mean the natural voice of the guy lead guy..gegege...

adding to my string of couple that i shipped and amazed by their chemistry...tsaran...im now a faney of AoMike...lols...i still have Full House Thai Version hangover...the songs..the casts and the awesome chemistry of Aom and Mike...kyaa...kyaa...and yes..i love how they played the Full House story here..the story line still the same as original with a touch of Thai culture...

discovered them last thursday while i was on leave lols..skipped work because im too lazy and well a little bit tired or rather stressed out...hahahha..making use of the after office hours to window shop alone since i havent done it for a whle..hehehehehe...
and so i got hooked with this koojin and lakorn couple Aom and Mike...they're so cute together..i was hoping they are together in RL ...harharhar..*sighs*.. i think I shipped another couple in which there is no chance of getting together in real life huhuhuhu..but i like that they are friends..and from the videos i have check out with them..bias aomike shipper here....sometimes i just like the way mike looks at aom..all smiley and playful...lols...*bias heart*...and mike's IG lols...personal promoter of Aom hehehe...

i tried to think what made me like them that i want to replay the full house last episode for the nth time...hihihihi..i'm smitten with this couple because...(thanks to youtube related videos checking out behind the scenes..... they are not sweet as in PDA...you can feel the friendship is there thus  comfortable with each other(hahaha these made remember watching a video of them with a comment that aomike is just for fans...aom is really uncomfortable with mike unlike with tina..hahaha what the heck)..well i only saw aomike videos..and i might not check out the others to not burst my bubble lols...


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missing my fave japanese duo...and everything related to jpop /jdorama hahahaha

hello friends hahaha..it's been a while...i'm still here just hanging around LOL..
so excuse my non sense on this entry..topics are all over the place...LOL

so hows everyone here in LJ...when everything seems to be changing around the world..and seriously...i love the old LJ...hahaha but there is nothing permanent in this world but change :D

just finished watching Strobe Edge film..and yes..i miss my dose of jdorama and those ikemens..kinohata the actress reminds me of shidai mirai...waaaah...i wonder how beautiful has she is now..and my maki-channnnn...waaaaaahhh..are you married already??/

where is oguri shun and ikuta toma lol..and others...i think there's a new breed of ikemens already...i can catch them mostly on adaptation to live action movies that can be found in you tube..still thankful for all the generous subbers...
and yes..my japanese still sucks hahaha...haven't even improved..so sad :(

anyway life has been good to me despite me missing my jpop/jdorama world in the last few years...i've been travelling within southeast to strike off some places on my bucket list...it was always an interesting experience hehehee...eye opener and makes you see the world in another perspective..

it's been more than  8 or 9 years since i have know the existence of my fave jpop duo...hahaha tegomass...and im still dreaming of watching one of their cons...i was able to slightly catchup the recent NEWS happenings..was able to download their latest concert dvd and watched how they have improved and became more gorgeous....they can still make me laugh with all their corny jokes and being just dorks on tv...i still cringed and don't know if i should laugh or pity massu's never changing corny jokes...at the way tegoshi loves to bully kei-chan...and i am still confused why sometimes he can be shy after doing all those fanservices...and im proud how koyashige seems so serious in their craft...at the same time enjoy themselves when the four of them work ogether...they may not be the close as friends outside of work..but i will always enjoy their dynamics..
its been a while..i know i need a lot of catching up to do..but i i'll probably just starts for those i can get a hands on..no pressure...heehehee...

and please please can we release a new TEGOMASU album....and a concert in winter hahahaa so i can see next year lols..
and i want something like this too..can you repeat it plissssss

shipping..learning and enjoying..hahahahaha

it's high time to sit down and make myself present again in LJ even if its once in a blue moon...after a long holiday...being in my home country for 3 days..experiencing traffic jam and having that sticky feeling when you go out and walk to your place of destination...i need to let out some thoughts mwahahahahaa....

for the last 6 months i have been a constant companion to a friend..she was broken hearted not only in love but with friends too...it was both an enjoyable and enlightening experience for me...it is in my firm believe that i was used to be an instrument by God for her to find herself first before finding "the one"...but more than me being an instrument to her..it was a humbling experience for me to actually be able to help someone by just being there..and i think finally after a very long time..my wound has been healed..more than love that was unrequited..i always mourned for a lost friendship for the last 9 years of my existence...omg..that long...already...i have always been careful with my friendships both same and opposite sexes...these last few years...even my social skills has gotten rusty lol sometimes...but I am thankful that God has always been good to me..

my friend went back for good to the Philippines again last Oct 3..it was a very hectic schedule...before she was finalising all the things..i already told myself..are you ready? will you not miss her? its gonna be a lot of adjustments..i know..but i am not sure if its because it was easy to let her go for her own happiness that i feel closer to her...yes i will miss our chats and lakwatsa...and the companionship..but I am thankful for all the times we have spent together and the memories we have built...she was able to show me how appreciative she was of me and rebuild my confidence as a friend..sadly i needed some affirmation on this stuff..maybe because i lost one good friendship...:)..he was someone i can imagine growing old with..but a simple line made me lost it..but who knows...LOL..with all these happenings to me for the last half of the year..i truly believe there will be people in your life that are meant to be there..<3 <3 <3

on lighter notes..lets talk about my current shipping LOL..and surprise its my from home country...currently enjoying, learning and shipping Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a Yaya Dub...the #ALDUB phenomenon from the Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye..which has taken not only the hearts of every Filipino locally but also abroad..especially the OFW..the whole Kalye serye is totally a stress reliever for me..the JoWaPao trio never fails to make LOL..and then you have the kilig factor of the ALDUB..so..it is something good..hahahaa...and worth watching...if you want me to get hooked on something..it should have to important ingredients..humor and romance...then you got me...:D

maybe one of these days i will try to write my thoughts on shipping Aldub..

playing it cool

my title sounds cool hahahaa...i got it from the rom com movie i have watched just a few hours ago with a friend...it was fun, lighthearted movie...not so dramatic even when they got together...and well Chris Evans has such beautiful eyes..all his close ups I can 'ampogi' which translated means 'so handsome'..hahaha

i had to say...i was attracted to this movie because my recent WGM fave couple Jjongah did the same pose only vice versa..

now if i want to start about my craziness with Jjongah these post might be longer..so maybe i will just talk about other things..lol..the third month of the year is nearing the half of the month...i feel like just yesterday we celebrated chinese new year and now bamm...i have so many things to think about and ponder on..sometimes i feel like my mind will blow off..

work is so so...its actually disappointing to see the exchange rate going down...hahaha..im not really happy my beloved country's currency kicking up--bad bad citizen lol....i hope in the next few months ringgit will pick up..its one of the factors im considering finding another job mwahahaha...maybe another country to hop on mwahhahaa...but still lot of things to think about..dues and bills..

i am always surprised that eventhough i don't exclusively join many colleagues..somehow..they still try to find me when they have problems and talk it to me..im honored...though i feel pressured and happy to be of help..currently i have this close colleague of mine through chatting found out we had quite a lot of common..but only recently she opened about a break up and well we hang out together a lot these days...does anyone ever feel..that you cannot say something anymore and have run out of comforting words to say..hahaha..i do feel that a lot of time...oh well

i told myself this year..i try to be just cool..not minding the people around me..and enjoy the ride..i don't think i have even made progress...if you ever have the chance to see post of mine..can i have a moment of your time to pray for me..
i am not desperate..but i still have figuring out things to do..so your prayers will be helpful..

travel..food..nature and dramas..lol

i think words above summed up my 2 weeks vacation leave...

before my leave, i was worrying myself that i will get bored...two weeks is too long..what do i do????...as it turned out..time flies fast..and two weeks vacation leave is gone...hehehee...

i didn't went back home because it was too expensive and my sister will coming here this month to celebrate christmas...since 2012, didn't spend christmas in the philippines..i miss the simbang gabi :D and the food during christmas..maybe next year (^c^)

okay..let's start fufufufu..

travel..yes!! i was able to complete my objective of visiting a new place once a year..for 2014...dun dun dun..i went to ipoh....hehehehehehe..here in a malaysia..this was a new experience because i was fortunate to have my colleague to show me around..*glee*
we drove(oh actually only her..hahaha dunno how to drive) from kuala lumpur to ipoh..roughly around 2 to 3 hrs..and surprisingly on a thursday morning..there was a long queue in the highway..we were both like..what is this its not even a weekend..hahaha..anyway..by 11 am..we were in ipoh already..the first thing we do is EAT!!!!!

we went to Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken... it was Ipoh's famous salted chicken...and we both thought we will eat at the place and its a restaurant...but no you have to take away then eat at a nearby hawker hehee..without spoon and fork even chopsticks...so i decided to buy rice meal so we can borrow some plates and forks and knives...it was delicious..but i think we didn't really appreciate it much due to the place we are eating LOL..i mean it does seem uncomfortable to eat something in a place where you didn't buy it lol..then after that..we decided to have desert egg tarts and the famous Ipoh white coffee..waaaaaah...the coffee was delicious...i even told my friend on viber showing pictures..lol..and actually just bragging how delicious it is...it is a must to have white coffee in ipoh...for next two days...i had dimsum galore...breakfast with siomai and glutinous rice and hakka...from Foh San Restaurant(there are quite more expensive and have gov't tax) and Ming Court..there are actually opposite each other hehehe....i also got to taste the tauge ayam or the famous ipoh rice at dinner..we were hoping for good night market..but was disappointed..because all the goodies we saw are cellphone cases..not much ipoh related...but i managed to buy food souvenirs like the small bread with filling inside..i forgot their name..and the famous sin eng heong mini kaya puff served hot melts in your mouth...yum yum..

ipoh is good for an overnight travel or over the weekend...my companion was bored when on our second night we didn't have anything to do..lol...i am not a night people anymore hahaha...i usually get quiet at night..even my friends here..always teased me when passed 10 pm i am still outside..they would..it's your bedtime already..i think two to three years ago..i can stay all night hahahaha...but now...cannot..or maybe not used to...

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dr. oh's and turning a year older :D

wee look at the new look of profile page of LJ...isn't cool..though quite surprising...

may will be ending in a few days....and half of the year has passed....and im trying to look back to what really happened to me....over the last few months...nothing memorable except maybe proceeding with hysteroscopy before my birthday..thank God nothing serious for me...

when i always remember what was done to me..it always made me laugh...though at least my curiosity on what an operating room look like was fed...hahaha...i could say im lucky as well as blessed...God has answered my prayers :D
because not only did they find nothing wrong from me..i was also under good doctors..

on the day of the procedure..it was really nerve wracking...hahaha...i remember giving my admission slip first so that i can be called first ending up..being the last to be called...talk about karma...when i slipped on the hospital sarong..i was practically thinking about what i have watched from previous emergency couple episodes and it didn't help...so i tried to think of positive things..the anesthesiologist was cool...and ask some things to let me relax since i said it was my first time doing operation...and i think i finally relax because they are talking the lovelife of the nurse who is also assisting :D

i don't really remember what happened because i was just praying our father..when i was transferred to the operating room..then when i opened my eyes i was in the recovery room already..hehehe..my ob said i should really be asleep hehehe....i recovered fast i didn't even use my 21 days hospital leave :D

the whole procedure took about 1 hr..but the after process was quite long..i was already hungry...hahaha..even my sister...i asked my sister to come to malaysia for support because i was not supposed to be discharge without an adult..and i don't want to burden myself to my friends and colleagues...

so a week before i turned a year older..i had a health breakthrough...now lets see what will happen next year...maybe fandom breakthrough wahahaha...like finally watching tegomass in concert :D..lets keep our fingers crossed...

i was telling myself that i would like to catch up with kdrama land..since i have started watching Emergency Couple on channel M, I decided not wait for the Episode 9 that has only run last week...and did a marathon...and what a marathon...my heart went to Oh Chang Min when he finally realized he still loves Oh Jin Hee..the whole show made me laugh, cry and squeal in delight when they got back together again..my usual formula for an kdrama to be remembered by me...and of course..there should be happy ending..though for this case it was kinda futuristic..it makes me want a sequel..but i don't think they will do LOL...

also, despite not really a heavy medical drama which for me is good..because i can't stand too serious stuff...i find the whole show informative..though for the life of me after seeing how an endoscopy is done...i am really too glad i didn't went through it in china mwahahaha....

i love all the characters in the show...even the second leads...and i envy the soft and smooth skin of Choi Yen Jin...she's gorgeous....and she's a good actress...i wish i could see how her lovestory with Lee Pil Mo, unfolds the second time..

surprisingly the main lead actress Song Ji Hyo, was in Goong circa Jo Ji Hoon and Ye Eun He lol..she was the ballet girl..the second lead..she grew beautifully...and Choi Jin Hyuk...i first noticed him in I Need Romance but I didn't watch the whole of it since it was not a happy ending for him..and well I think he's hot and tall..mwahahaha..i just love both of them on TV...maybe I will repeat the episodes I like on Channel M..lol...since it will be on bigger screen my tv..lol


pictures credit to the owners :D


hello lj..been a long timeeee

hello lj peeps..as katrinasacay posted before me *waves*...

almost half a year before i decided to post in LJ again...im not really guilty of not going to LJ because i still read those comms like omonatheydidnt and news_jpop from time to time...i still got redirected from tumbler or twitter for QMI fanfictions i read...hehehe..so not really MIA in LJ..hahaha just occasional peeker mwahahhaa...

i just decided its time to drop a post here again...time really passes by fast..so many things have happened..and i think i have reached my quota in going back home thrice in a span of 4 months....so maybe i need to embark on a new country...who knows japan as everyone is telling me there is no visa for PH passport holders now...its indeed a good news...let's see if i can pull someone to go with me in october in kyoto...let's keep our fingers crossed...hihihihi

well...a lot of things happened to me in RL too...i am currently preparing for minor procedure to be done to me on saturday morning..hoping all ends well..whoever catches this entry..please include me in your prayers...

if you are working a treatment for your internal problems inside your body...its always scary..everything i will be doing next saturday was a first time for me..hahaha..oh...its not my first time anymore mwahahaha...it was my second time already because it was supposed to happen last saturday but..they postponed it due to my cough...hehehehe...im telling myself..that maybe i just want to see if surgery units are as crazy as the tv have described it...hehehe but no...although probably because its a normal surgery room not an emergency room hehehe...

i also feel...both mind and body was not prepared for the procedure i have to take..i hope this 3 days rest and 2 more will give me enough courage and relaxation to go through this medical procedure...

and i think i should watch my favorites boys for the next few days to help me relax...:D