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i think words above summed up my 2 weeks vacation leave...

before my leave, i was worrying myself that i will get bored...two weeks is too long..what do i do???? it turned out..time flies fast..and two weeks vacation leave is gone...hehehee...

i didn't went back home because it was too expensive and my sister will coming here this month to celebrate christmas...since 2012, didn't spend christmas in the philippines..i miss the simbang gabi :D and the food during christmas..maybe next year (^c^)

okay..let's start fufufufu..

travel..yes!! i was able to complete my objective of visiting a new place once a year..for 2014...dun dun dun..i went to in a malaysia..this was a new experience because i was fortunate to have my colleague to show me around..*glee*
we drove(oh actually only her..hahaha dunno how to drive) from kuala lumpur to ipoh..roughly around 2 to 3 hrs..and surprisingly on a thursday morning..there was a long queue in the highway..we were both like..what is this its not even a 11 am..we were in ipoh already..the first thing we do is EAT!!!!!

we went to Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken... it was Ipoh's famous salted chicken...and we both thought we will eat at the place and its a restaurant...but no you have to take away then eat at a nearby hawker hehee..without spoon and fork even i decided to buy rice meal so we can borrow some plates and forks and was delicious..but i think we didn't really appreciate it much due to the place we are eating LOL..i mean it does seem uncomfortable to eat something in a place where you didn't buy it lol..then after that..we decided to have desert egg tarts and the famous Ipoh white coffee..waaaaaah...the coffee was delicious...i even told my friend on viber showing actually just bragging how delicious it is a must to have white coffee in ipoh...for next two days...i had dimsum galore...breakfast with siomai and glutinous rice and hakka...from Foh San Restaurant(there are quite more expensive and have gov't tax) and Ming Court..there are actually opposite each other hehehe....i also got to taste the tauge ayam or the famous ipoh rice at dinner..we were hoping for good night market..but was disappointed..because all the goodies we saw are cellphone cases..not much ipoh related...but i managed to buy food souvenirs like the small bread with filling inside..i forgot their name..and the famous sin eng heong mini kaya puff served hot melts in your mouth...yum yum..

ipoh is good for an overnight travel or over the companion was bored when on our second night we didn't have anything to am not a night people anymore hahaha...i usually get quiet at night..even my friends here..always teased me when passed 10 pm i am still outside..they's your bedtime already..i think two to three years ago..i can stay all night hahahaha...but now...cannot..or maybe not used to...

so glad we were able to check out Kellie's Castle which is a very good spot for those doing wedding or pre-wedding photos...another beautiful view we went into was the Kek Long Tong which is a cave temple with a lot of buddhas friend asked if i want to pray..i did..though i am not if its the correct way..and lit incense...

kek long tong just after the entrance

the inside was really beautiful and calming i was like whoa....

after friend was kind enough to bring me to see the rice paddy field..she thought it would be a new experience to me..but along the way..we chatted about my family and i mentioned rice paddies not new to me because we have one in father usually goes back during harvest...hihihi...we ended going to a famous seafood restaurant and i ate shark..hahaha....its a stew..its quite nice...i think it would be more enjoyable if i didnt know what it was :D...

we also stopped by along the way in teluk intan to take pictures and see the leaning tower hehehee...not really tall..but a tourist spot....and it was interesting to see and climb

as for the kdramas and other dramas I have watched during my break..maybe i will talk about it on another post ( ^_^)
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