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dr. oh's and turning a year older :D

wee look at the new look of profile page of LJ...isn't cool..though quite surprising...

may will be ending in a few days....and half of the year has passed....and im trying to look back to what really happened to me....over the last few months...nothing memorable except maybe proceeding with hysteroscopy before my birthday..thank God nothing serious for me...

when i always remember what was done to always made me laugh...though at least my curiosity on what an operating room look like was fed...hahaha...i could say im lucky as well as blessed...God has answered my prayers :D
because not only did they find nothing wrong from me..i was also under good doctors..

on the day of the was really nerve wracking...hahaha...i remember giving my admission slip first so that i can be called first ending up..being the last to be about karma...when i slipped on the hospital sarong..i was practically thinking about what i have watched from previous emergency couple episodes and it didn't i tried to think of positive things..the anesthesiologist was cool...and ask some things to let me relax since i said it was my first time doing operation...and i think i finally relax because they are talking the lovelife of the nurse who is also assisting :D

i don't really remember what happened because i was just praying our father..when i was transferred to the operating room..then when i opened my eyes i was in the recovery room ob said i should really be asleep hehehe....i recovered fast i didn't even use my 21 days hospital leave :D

the whole procedure took about 1 hr..but the after process was quite long..i was already hungry...hahaha..even my sister...i asked my sister to come to malaysia for support because i was not supposed to be discharge without an adult..and i don't want to burden myself to my friends and colleagues...

so a week before i turned a year older..i had a health lets see what will happen next year...maybe fandom breakthrough finally watching tegomass in concert :D..lets keep our fingers crossed...

i was telling myself that i would like to catch up with kdrama land..since i have started watching Emergency Couple on channel M, I decided not wait for the Episode 9 that has only run last week...and did a marathon...and what a heart went to Oh Chang Min when he finally realized he still loves Oh Jin Hee..the whole show made me laugh, cry and squeal in delight when they got back together usual formula for an kdrama to be remembered by me...and of course..there should be happy ending..though for this case it was kinda makes me want a sequel..but i don't think they will do LOL...

also, despite not really a heavy medical drama which for me is good..because i can't stand too serious stuff...i find the whole show informative..though for the life of me after seeing how an endoscopy is done...i am really too glad i didn't went through it in china mwahahaha....

i love all the characters in the show...even the second leads...and i envy the soft and smooth skin of Choi Yen Jin...she's gorgeous....and she's a good actress...i wish i could see how her lovestory with Lee Pil Mo, unfolds the second time..

surprisingly the main lead actress Song Ji Hyo, was in Goong circa Jo Ji Hoon and Ye Eun He lol..she was the ballet girl..the second lead..she grew beautifully...and Choi Jin Hyuk...i first noticed him in I Need Romance but I didn't watch the whole of it since it was not a happy ending for him..and well I think he's hot and tall..mwahahaha..i just love both of them on TV...maybe I will repeat the episodes I like on Channel it will be on bigger screen my


pictures credit to the owners :D

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