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hello lj..been a long timeeee

hello lj katrinasacay posted before me *waves*...

almost half a year before i decided to post in LJ not really guilty of not going to LJ because i still read those comms like omonatheydidnt and news_jpop from time to time...i still got redirected from tumbler or twitter for QMI fanfictions i not really MIA in LJ..hahaha just occasional peeker mwahahhaa...

i just decided its time to drop a post here again...time really passes by many things have happened..and i think i have reached my quota in going back home thrice in a span of 4 maybe i need to embark on a new country...who knows japan as everyone is telling me there is no visa for PH passport holders now...its indeed a good news...let's see if i can pull someone to go with me in october in kyoto...let's keep our fingers crossed...hihihihi

well...a lot of things happened to me in RL too...i am currently preparing for minor procedure to be done to me on saturday morning..hoping all ends well..whoever catches this entry..please include me in your prayers...

if you are working a treatment for your internal problems inside your body...its always scary..everything i will be doing next saturday was a first time for me..hahaha..oh...its not my first time anymore was my second time already because it was supposed to happen last saturday but..they postponed it due to my telling myself..that maybe i just want to see if surgery units are as crazy as the tv have described it...hehehe but no...although probably because its a normal surgery room not an emergency room hehehe...

i also feel...both mind and body was not prepared for the procedure i have to take..i hope this 3 days rest and 2 more will give me enough courage and relaxation to go through this medical procedure...

and i think i should watch my favorites boys for the next few days to help me relax...:D

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